About Us At eulix Digital Business Solutions, we believe in the customer and your business first.  Our goal is to provide the best products with the greatest service possible. Our commitment is to be completely transparent with our customers.  We strive to be the industry leader in customer services through our dedication to our customers, extremely competitive pricing and unsurpassed customer service.  eulix has a vast variety of advisors and staff to support and enhance our clients experience and assist and fulfill all their printing needs. Our relationships with our clients are paramount. At eulix, your money matters. The skilled team at eulix Digital Business Solutions positions us above the crowd in the world of service and work-flow management companies. We are composed of a solid team of sales and technical industry veterans who have grown leery of the industry, just as you have. Every single day, we are determined to out-do our bank-owned and faceless competitors and finally bring transparency, honesty and integrity to this business, and create a new standard for the industry. Our clients come first. We strive to make paper processing efficient, simple, and affordable for you. You are our number one priority. Founded in Oakville Ontario, Canada, eulix Digital Business Solutions is a new force in the paper management and workflow processing industry. We are managed by a strong team with leading expertise in paper processing services, functionality and customer service. We are at the forefront of a very big change in the paper workflow management industry and we insist on simplicity, transparency, accountability and affordability for all businesses, big or small. The skills, quality and determination of our team drives us toward ground-breaking, cutting edge innovation as we move toward facilitating the much needed change in the paper processing world with the highest quality of service. And our growing client portfolio is proving to us that we can do it! Founded in 2003 by Domenic Macina Partners Domenic Macina & Michael D Jacklin Together they have over 40 year’s industry experience to service all your needs. Enhance business efficiency while reducing cost with advanced office technologies and solutions.
Our organization is extremely pleased with the support for our main office printer from eulix. eulix was referred to us through a colleague, after several months of difficulty with our former service provider; we were delighted with the immediate difference. Read more... Catharine Community Development Halton
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Domenic Macina
Michael D. Jacklin
Mr. Jacklin has been a member of the executive leadership team at Pitney Bowes and Sharp Electronics since 2004, joining Pitney Bowes in 2004 as the National Account Executive where he managed to increase revenue within the region by double-digit, top-line growth on a yearly basis. A proven, performance-driven executive with more than 25 years of Sales and Management experience, Mr. Jacklin has served in executive positions at Pitney Bowes Inc., Sharp Electronics Canada and as the National Account Executive for the Printing Division of Ontario. "I am honored to step into the role of Managing Partner with eulix Digital Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd.," says Micahel D Jacklin President and Partner of eulix Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd. "I look forward to working with our staff and partners to further enrich our customer experience, delivering innovative solutions that meet the highest performance standards in the industry. With unparalleled customer service”
Domenic Macina has been immersed in the high volume printer service industry since 1984.  Working with Canon equipment since he first entered the printer world, gaining expertise in hi demand print environments. Customer satisfaction has always been his number one goal in the print service world. In August of 2003 he co-founded eulix office solutions and has grown the company to where it is today. Servicing Hospitals, legal offices and high demand print shops around Hamilton and the GTA.  His technical expertise allows his staff to continually provide exceptionally high level service to customers where machines are rarely down and customers are never left in a position to question their service supplier. His priority in keeping machines running and customers happy is a winning attitude within the eulix organization. This attention to customer satisfaction is impressed upon all who work within the company. Our customers are our number one priority always. Due to a high demand environment, at eulix we continually outperform the competition in both service and pricing.